If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Rethink your to-do list.  Not just what’s on it, but the whole way you approach it. It’s so easy as a small business owner to fall into the habit of “just handling it” – you don’t have a staff, and you believe “if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.”

What if that weren’t true?

What if you had a pool of skilled professionals ready to step in as needed to make your business run more smoothly and effectively? Empowered Assistance is designed to provide exactly that.

To help you see how this could work for you, we’ve created an easy 5-step To-Do List Reinvention Process.  Your goal is to identify things that someone else can do, leaving you more time to invest in growing and enjoying your lifestyle business.

5-step To-Do List Reinvention Process

  1. Divide your to-do list into 3 separate lists
    • Things I can’t wait to do
    • Things I wish I never had to do
    • The rest of the tasks
  2. Set aside the first list for now and focus on the last two lists.
  3. Mark the tasks that are easy to complete with a star, mark the things you are most likely to put off or forget to do with an X, and put a ? next to things you find difficult or energy draining.
  4. Next cross through things that you MUST do yourself (be brutally honest).
  5. What remains are prime targets to be outsourced!

As much as we’d like to outsource all of the list things you wish you never had to do, inevitably some of them will require your personal attention.  However, there are bound to be at least a few that someone else would delight in tackling and do it quicker and more effectively as a result.

Clearly things you are likely to put off doing or forget to do until the last minute are ideal candidates for handing over to virtual staff.  Likewise, things you find difficult or draining. Don’t overlook the easy to complete tasks – they may be easy, but are they really an efficient way to spend your valuable time?

Once you have re-invented your existing To-Do List, you’ll find it easier and easier to examine new task in this same way automatically.

Our goal is to empower you to spend your valuable time on the parts of your business that make your heart sing, the things that make your products and services unique.

  • We can handle recurring tasks as well as facilitating new projects through our Virtual Services.
  • Our Business Consulting can help you develop your vision into short, medium and long-range goals and map the routes to reach them.
  • We can make sure the world knows about you and can find you with ease via Digital Marketing.

We have created a fun and colorful template for you to use to Re-invent Your To-Do List, you can download it for free from our shop.

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